Desamour Designs Blog Hop

I’m  participating  in  Desamour Designs’ Selfish Crochet Blog Hop running  from January 1st  to 31st!  A new pattern will  be released  EVERY Monday,  Wednesday and Friday of the month as a FREE download available for 48 hours only!   The patterns featured are perfect project to make for yourself using all the yarns your purchased on sale  or  received  as gifts  over the holidays.  Each Wednesday and Friday there will be a new pattern you can download for free.

Today’s featured pattern is my Cresting Waves Shawl. You can download this pattern for free until February 2, 2020 on Ravelry using the code HOP.

The Cresting Waves Shawl is inspired by just that. Waves gently crashing against sandy beaches. The repetitive motion calming beautiful, energizing.

This design is far from boring. The stitches create 3D crashing waves. Don’t think that texture means stiff. This has incredible drape. The color combinations are endless.


Be  sure to check out Elisabeth’s blog  Desamour Designs to see  the newest featured pattern for this month’s blog hop and  don’t forget to use #makefoyoself to share your selfish crochet on lnstagram!

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