Purl Flower Lace Square

FREE Tunisian Crochet Pattern This post contains affiliate links By now you know I have an obsession with Tunisian Crochet and texture. I do it every opportunity I can. So when Arunima asked be to be part of the blanket CAL this year, I jumped on it. I searched high and low for a stitch… Continue reading Purl Flower Lace Square

Stitch and Hustle Picot Blog Hop!

Tunisian Crochet With Mohair? Yes Please! This post contains affiliate links. It costs you nothing but, if you click through and purchase I get a few pennies. Oh picot! How I love thee as a dainty edge. This lovely piece is part of the Stitch and Hustle Picot Blog Hop! There are some amazing free… Continue reading Stitch and Hustle Picot Blog Hop!

How to create a straight join when working in the round.

Do you see those joins? Not really? Me either. We all know that working in the round can make your joins crazy! Like swirling completely around your project crazy. Here's how to prevent that. Join your rounds as normal with a slip stitch and ch1. Then, instead of continuing in the same direction, turn and… Continue reading How to create a straight join when working in the round.

How to get a straight crochet edge

Does the space created by using the chain as the first stitch annoy you? Do your edges look wavy? Here's a little tip for you. Instead of using the chain as the first stitch, ch1 and work your first stitch into the base of that chain. This will eliminate that pesky space. Why not chain… Continue reading How to get a straight crochet edge

Desamour Designs Blog Hop

I’m  participating  in  Desamour Designs’ Selfish Crochet Blog Hop running  from January 1st  to 31st!  A new pattern will  be released  EVERY Monday,  Wednesday and Friday of the month as a FREE download available for 48 hours only!   The patterns featured are perfect project to make for yourself using all the yarns your purchased on… Continue reading Desamour Designs Blog Hop

Crochet for All, All Crochet

It's crochet! Well, this isn't regular crochet. It's tunisian crochet. I fell in love with the craft three years ago and haven't looked back since. It blends the ease of a hook with the look of knitting. Tunisian crochet is perfect for those who aren't quite ready to pick up the knitting needles, or refuse… Continue reading Crochet for All, All Crochet

Tunisian Crochet Staghorn Cable

When I first posted this stitch pattern I had no idea that people would love it so much. I saw a knit stitch and thought " I could replicate that in tunisian crochet. The funny thing about it was that I don't use a cable needle. I just let the stitches float in the air… Continue reading Tunisian Crochet Staghorn Cable

My Obsession With Tunisian Crochet

Oh how I love tunisian crochet! I mean, I really love it. It all started 3 years ago. I found this thing that looked like knitting, but wasn't. It used a crochet hook. To say I was shook was an understatement. I dived in head first and never looked back. Meet Luna Fade. A tunisian… Continue reading My Obsession With Tunisian Crochet

Converting flat crochet charts into the round

mypicot.com pattern #2060 There are so many great stitch patterns in the world. The only problem is the charts only show you the flat panel. Have you ever wondered how to convert it to work in the round? Charts come with pattern repeats. You know the numbers that say Ch 12+1? If you leave off… Continue reading Converting flat crochet charts into the round