A little about me

I never thought I would be here

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

I’m Natalie. I’m the crazy fro-wearing lady behind Detroit Knots. If you know me already you’re probably read the heading and thought,” What is she talking about?” My back story is not rooted in crafts. See, I started out wanting to be an Optometrist as a career. Boy did that path take a left! Now to clarify, I’m not doing this full-time either. I have a career outside of yarn. I went to school first for science and then early childhood education. The latter is where I’m at now. I’m a wife and a mom to two girls. They are why I hustle. My family always comes first.

I enjoy the work that I do, but I needed a creative outlet. In comes crochet. I needed a quick gift for a co-worker but couldn’t find anything I liked. I decided to call upon my minimal crochet skills learned at the age of five. My neighbor’s grandmother taught us to keep us quiet and not so busy. I was hooked again. I haven’t stopped since that gift was made. With the help of YouTube and lots of mistakes, I honed my skills.

I was designing early on without even realizing it. I would change patterns to suit my taste. Then I would just make something up as I went. I learned a lot from testing patterns for other designers. Then, I ventured out on my own. I want to bring designs that are outside of the box, literally. We’re not rectangles so why should our clothes be rectangles.

I’m building a community on Instagram and I love the platform. This past year has brought many new people to my account. I don’t mix words and I speak my truth. If you’re okay with that, welcome! If not, scroll on. I love to laugh and you will find me doing it often. I say crazy things most of the time. If I can teach you something new, great. If you can teach me something new, even better! My current obsession is tunisian crochet. It gives the look of knitting with a crochet hook! I’m working on a few tutorials on advanced techniques. As I learn them, I’ll share them.

Every now and then I find something or someone I really love. I share with #makerlovemonday Check it out, my friends are using it too! I promise you’ll love them too! That’s a little about me. Tell me about you!

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